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How far in advance should I order my dress?

Timing is important when ordering the perfect dress, and we take that as seriously as you do.

We advise ordering a minimum of 
8 weeks before you need to wear the dress (if ordering a wedding dress) and a minimum of 6 weeks before you need to wear your wedding party dress or special occasion dress.

Why so long? We make dresses to order from scratch so they may take longer to arrive than you 're used to with other online sellers. The tailoring period for wedding dresses is 17-22 business days and for special occasion dresses and wedding party dresses it takes 13-15+ business days. There is also an additional 3-8 business days shipping period (exact shipping times depend on the carrier and shipping method chosen at checkout).

The best way to ensure a stress-free shopping experience is to allow plenty of time for our tailoring and shipping periods, plus additional time to try on the dress and make any necessary alterations once it arrives .